PM Modi of India’s Move of Cashless Economy in India ?

By Balbir Singh Sooch supreme-court-of-india
1. PM MODI OF INDIA openly declared that the people of rich, if stands deposited their money in the Bank Accounts of poor people, they (poor people) need to return back at all at any cost.

2. If the rich boss (bosses) asks or threaten(s) him or them to return his money in the Bank Accounts of poor people, refuse to do so and write a letter to PM MODI OF INDIA.

3. Now it stands openly admitted by all especially by those supporting PM MODI OF INDIA’S move that if CASH is not provided soon in BANKS, the situation can WORSEN irreparably and beyond control in India.

4. PM MODI OF INDIA’S supporters are also confused and playing double standards-tactics for the reasons best known to such opportunists on PM MODI OF INDIA’S move of CASHLESS ECONOMY in India while supporting and criticizing PM MODI OF INDIA’S MOVE OF CASHLESS ECONOMY IN INDIA.

5. Though, the people especially the common people standing in queues, don’t dare to talk against PM MODI OF INDIA’S move of CASHLESS ECONOMY in India.
6. And the fearing that they can be leveled as supporters of the corruption prevailed for 70 (seventy years) in the country, having ill-gotten money with them and are anti-nationalist and so on like terrorizing raids on PM MODI OF INDIA’S opponents and innocents by the corrupt agencies controlled by PM MODI OF INDIA now;

7. In violations of the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS of Indian citizens under THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA as THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA in position to take notice as THE TRIBUNE, CHANDIGARH highlighted in an ‘Editorial: ‘Demonetisation chaos: Apex court gives itself time to restore order’ as under as seriously observed by Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch:-
Demonetisation chaos: Apex court gives itself time to restore order:

The court may perhaps also like to examine whether the withdrawal of the legal tender status of 86 per cent of the currency in circulation violates certain fundamental rights such as the right to life (deaths have occurred and these have been attributed to demonetisation), the right to pursue any occupation, trade and business (hit by lack of currency) and the executive notification being discriminatory against the poor who are without bank accounts.

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