Quetta Masacre 10 Jan 2013- Terrorists Killed 87 Innocent

Quetta Masacre 10 Jan 2013 – Terrorists’  Bombs Kill 98 Innocent Civilians, “Baloch United Army” Claims to be Responsible – The Myth or Truth?  quetta killing

By Agha Gul

A bomb exploded in the heart of Quetta City in the afternoon on 10 Jan 2013, killing 12 and wounding some 24 people. Only 5 hours later, in two successive bombings separated by a few minutes, another 98 innocent people were killed, 87 wounded on Alamdar Road.  In the aftermath of the first bomb, police, Edhi volunteers and media persons had rushed in. A TV cameraman, media persons, an SP, DSP, SHO and some 7 policemen all became victims of the second bomb. TV anchors, as usual,  were quick to take credit in announcing that a caller had claimed this criminal act in the name of a so called “Baloch United Army”.

Who is this “Baloch United Army”? Is there such a thing possible amongst the Baloch? And if Not, then who could have done it?

Brief answers follow.

Balochistan is a multi racial, multi ethnic province where several tribes and sub tribes live. Living in the southern-half of the province, only three tribes are militants which are Baloch and Brahuis. Rest of the province is peaceful.

These  tribes are the Bugti, Marri and Mengal ( Mengals are Brahuis but like to masquarade as Baloch). Their nawab/sardars’ sons and grandsons are struggling through militancy/insurgency to emerge as the top-men of their respective tribes. They claim to be fighting for “Independenc” but other than their own factions they do not enjoy the support of all the Baloch/Brahuis of the province, leave aside the Jamotes, Magsis, Jamalis, Hazaras and Pashtuns.   None of these three tribes accept the other as the leader. Militants from them are fighting against the govenment, like gladiators, without  having respect or alligiance from the others. The rest of the Baloch/Brahui tribesmen are divided into over a dozen political sub-national parties who are again divided into various factions, without one common leader. Some of them are militants but most are peaceful following the writ of their respective scores of sardars. Pashtuns, Hazaras, Punjabis, Jamalis, Jamotes, Sindhis, Magsis and other settlers are all peaceful.

Bugti tribe, spread around Sui, Kashmore and Dera Bugti is living peacefully under the defecto nawab Qadir Bugti. But the sons of  late Akbar Bugti, Talal and Jamil and the grandsons, Shazain and Brahmdagh are trying to oust him and get the golden-goose of Dera Bugti which, due to natural gas is a bonanza  yeilding millions of rupees every year, besides the political power. Brahmdagh is riding the shoulders of the MI6 and CIA/RAW. He is not liked by the other two tribes and only a small group within Bugtis is supporting him in carrying out insurgency and terrorism. Most of the insurgency is being spearheaded by him through active support of RAW, while the CIA/MI6 provide vital protection. He is in Geneva.

Marri tribes’ nawab Khair Bakhsh, although a Pakistan-Hater, and his elder son Chengez who is in PMLN camp, are not directly involved in any militancy. Hayerbiar and Ghazin, the other two sons of Marri are in Geneva and London and spearheading insurgency with the help of RAW. They also have no love lost for Bugtis and do not wish to accept them as Elders.

Attaullah Mengals’ sons, Akhtar and Nawaz are abroad. Nawaz is again under RAW and carries out militancy/insurgency. Akhtar makes mixed noises but is not apparently involved in militancy.   The so called “Baloch United Army” therefore, as such cannot and does not exist, albeit, if RAW likes to call its three stooges as such. No Baloch/Brahui sub or sub-sub tribe, none of the over a dozen political parties wish to come under one leader, even on ethnic/racial basis. The question of being “United” in any form, much less as an “Army” therefore, just simply does not arise.   Now, if one views the last two days Indian un-provoked attacks across LOC, the things start to make sense.   Terrorist attacks in Quetta city are a regular phenomenon, but three bombs and 100 deaths in one day? No, it has never haapened before. Are the Marri, Bugti and Mengal militants capable of coordinating an attack on one day? No way. They have their own mutual enmities. They can however, be coordinated by their handlers, the RAW.   It seems most likely that the Quetta-killings on 10 Jan 2013 were directed by RAW in sympathy with the outrage at the LOC. The Indian media is going berserk. Pakistans media is busy making money by giving Indian advertisments. Pakistani cinemas are busy showing Indian Movies!   Not only there is no government worth the name in Balochistan, there seems to be none in Pakistan, and “Ghairat” also seems to be missing.   What should be the response of “Ghyour Pakistanis”?

Please ask yourself and others!

posted by Zaheerul Hassan


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