Six Bullets only


At last the dreams came true; the dream of ISI bashing and the dream of dragging the Pakistan Army into a dirty blame game has since long been glimmering the eyes of the international conspirators and ultimately they all got a chance of materializing their dreams. Just six bullets wound up the whole story; may God be kind and merciful on Hamid Mir and may he return to a normal life but some other things related to this shooting-episode would never come back to normal. How unfortunate Hamid Mir is that his enemies in guise of sympathy and friendship simply deprived him of a very strong public support. Just after the news of brutal attack on him in Karachi reached his well-wishers, people started rushing to the hospital where he was being treated; so many calls were made to different media channels just to get the latest updates on his physical condition but in the next two hours every thing started taking a new turn. His brother Amir Mir became a tool in the hands of the international conspirators and the media group Hamid has been working for so many years at once started behaving as if it did not belong to Pakistan. There was a flood of blames and allegations against the ISI and the Pakistan Army. The DG ISI was being introduced as a cruel and callous criminal and a traitor who was thirsty for the blood of his own people. It was demanded through the platform of that particular channel that the DG ISI General Zaheer-ul-Islam must at once be removed from his post of DG ISI. All over the world particularly in India and America, almost all newspapers and electronic channels warmly and eagerly spread the demand of that Pakistani channel; how shameful this all was. But for the people who were already aware of this long-desired war against the ISI, the situation was not unexpected. During the last two weeks, there had been a rumour in different national and international newspapers that somewhere in the month of March the representatives of four intelligence agencies had a meeting in New Delhi. These agencies included the agencies of India, Iran, Afghanistan and Israel though the Iranian authorities have denied Iran’s participation in any of such meetings but the rumour is still there. According to the media sources the only point the representatives of these intelligence agencies had been pondering over just one thing; Pakistan. It was decided in the meeting that these four countries would keep a vigilant eye on the situation and would make arrangements to fix and frame Pakistan in every act of terrorism inside or outside Pakistan, throughout the world. Various strategic analysts are of the opinion that these four countries are not happy over Saudi Arabia’s financial help and support provided to Pakistan. They think that the Saudi government has very clear inclination towards Al-Qaeda and other Muslim extremist groups; the closeness of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia would simply strengthen the groups like Al- Qaeda. It has also been reported in media that the CIA is also involved in this conspiracy against Pakistan. The shooting attempt on Hamid Mir could also be an out come of this meeting of the representatives of four intelligence agencies which was allegedly held at the Headquarter of RAW in New Delhi. The aim and ambition of attack on Hamid Mir was simply to defame and demoralize the ISI. The Chief of the Army staff General Raheel Sharif, like everyone from the nation, knows it very well that the ISI is an organization rather an institution which acts as the first defense line for Pakistan. That is why he personally paid a visit to the ISI headquarters at Islamabad and had a meeting with the ISI chief so that the world around might know that the ISI is the brain and heart of the armed forces of Pakistan and every conspiracy against the ISI is in fact a conspiracy against the whole of the armed forces.

The fact of the matter is that Pakistan is neither a supporter of the extremist organizations nor it has any plans against any country, whether it is Afghanistan or Iran, India or Bangladesh. Pakistan is a peace loving country and always does whatever possible to crush the menace of terrorism. It has no ill-will or evil-plans against any country. But in spite of having such a positive and peaceful approach, a blame game against Pakistan never comes to an end. The anti-Pakistan brains always keep on innovating new intrigues and novel conspiracies against the ISI; the plot is always the same but the actors keep on changing; sometimes it is Farid Zakaria and sometimes it is Carlotta Gall and sometimes the actors are unfortunately from Pakistan but in Pakistan such actors are remembered as the Traitors. Thank God, Pakistan has a very strong and independent judicial system and the nation is confident that no traitor would get scot-free.

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