South Asian Peace linked with Kashmir

By Zaheerul Hassankashmir deligation

Since 1948, the inhabitants of scenic piece of land “Kashmir” are locking toward international human rights organizations and member states of United Nation (UN) to intervene and help them in living with peace and free of fear in their motherland as mentioned in UN Resolutions 48-49 and Simla Agreement 1972.  They are also struggling for their rights of self-determination as promised by UN.  Rising and setting of sun just add in their miseries because  the Indian  occupant forces never ever  let a day   or night to passed when they have not  killed and rape innocent men and women.  It is pertinent to know that Indian Armed forces killed over one lacs Kashmiris since their illegal occupation of Kashmir. Thousands of young murdered and many women have also been raped by the elements of security forces.  Pakistan and India fought five wars on Kashmir issue but still they were unable to resolve the burning issue of South Asia.

Anyhow, Kashmiris and Pakistani nation throughout the globe celebrated ‘Kashmir Day”. Pakistani and Kashmiris throughout the globe carried out protests against      On February 4, 2015,  “We understand that Kashmir is an issue and unresolved as per the United nations resolutions. “, this was stated US Congressman Tim Walberg in a meeting with 3-member delegation from Azad Jammu and Kashmir at Capitol .
The 3-member delegation, led by AJK Cabinet Minister Faisal Rathore, was accompanied by Murtaza Durrani Adviser to the Govt of AJK and Executive Director of Kashmiri Scandinavian Council Norway, Sardar Ali Shahnawaz Khan.

Faisal Rathore briefed the US Congressman about the developmental challenges faced by Govt of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He urged the Congressman that United States should help to improve the standard of living of the people neglected by the world community due to the unresolved conflict. He urged that US should introduce some investment schemes for the development of AJK. The minister in this regard invited the US congressman to visit Muzaffarabad by taking the stock of the situation. US Congressman accepted the invitation and agreed to visit AJK in near future.

He also briefed the Congressman about so-called elections conducted in disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir in presence of huge Indian military deployments. He reminded the Congressman that United States has stated its official stance on Kashmir on several occasions and even President Obama included Kashmir issue in his election campaign and even promised to appoint a special envoy for this purpose. “Kashmiri people living on both the sides of Kashmir expect that United States has to fulfill its promise by playing its role to resolve this long standing dispute”, explained Faisal Rathore .

Murtaza Durrani Adviser to the Govt of AJK drew the attention of Congressman towards the Govt of India’s restrictions imposed on media men and human rights defenders who are disallowed to report the atrocities and killings committed by the occupational forces. “Even majority of the journalists and human rights lawyers are denied to the right to travel abroad so that they cannot be able to share the information about the Indian atrocities with the rest of the world”, Durrani explained.

Sardar Ali Shahnawaz Khan urged the US Congressman that people of Kashmir believe that United States should strengthen United Nations which is considered as the world’s highest body. He urged the Congressman that those countries which disrespect the United Nations resolutions should be discouraged and disallowed to making any attempt to become the member of Security Council. Khan further elaborated that any such encouragement to a country involved in human rights violations and occupation of a territory can only weaken the United Nations prestigious platform.

US Congressman Tim Walberg assured the visiting delegation that United States understands Kashmir is an issue and unresolved as per the United Nations resolutions. “United States always stresses upon that world issues should be resolved peacefully through dialogue”, the US Congressman said. He also condemned the human rights abuses taking place in any form in any party of the world.

Meanwhile, 3-member AJK delegation is scheduled to participate today in the National Prayer Breakfast taking place in Washington, D.C., that brings together the dignitaries from all 50 US states and 140 countries, and addressed by the President of the Unites States.
In short, Pakistan and India should come on table and start their negotiation under UN Resolutions. We must know that success and failing on Kashmir issue is directly link to South Asian peace.

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