Star Sunny Interested in Serious Movies

Every actor or actress start his or her  showbiz life to come up on tsunnyop. Normally,  female stars join objectionable movies or perform as per  desire of director . sometimes scenes become their identity.

Anyhow  the Adult film actress Sunny Leone said goodbye to that career which became  her maximum recognition. She refused  doing Adult Films anymore and fighting for an image re-building. “Ive stopped doing adult cinema before getting into Bigg Boss and I’ve said that many times before as well” fired back Sunny when asked if she will continue to do adult films.

Sunny is pretty much happy about the fact that film makers in Bollywood are accepting her and she has been getting some meaty roles.

“I can’t escape who I am. I can’t escape my past and what i did in my past. But with the kind of roles i am doing people can see the kind of person i am and once they start seeing this their perception will change” said an honest Sunny.

So what happens to Sunny Leone’s official website? We guess there will not be any updates ever now. We would like to wish Ms.Leone All the Best for her new innings and hope that she successfully re-builds a clean image.

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