Talking to Taliban

It was great delight to read ‘Not will of the people’ by S Iftikhar Murshed (The News dated 29 Sep). The author has highlighted ‘Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP)’s criminal activities and their real agenda for grabbing power. TTP is  involved in blasphemous acts of killing  inntalibanocent people in the name of merciful God and His Prophet. I fully agree with author that  response of spineless legislators and short-sighted ruling elite of Pakistan is no better than “Hanooz Dili Door Ast”. However,  I am particularly  shocked to learn Imran khan statement (same day) which states ‘If CBMs for India possible, why not for Taliban’’.  Mr Imran Khan, Govt of India represent 1.2 billion people but TTP represent whom? I know for sure TTP does not represent the people of FATA. People of KPK may be silent because of state inability to provide them basic security from this ‘Khargee group’ but they surely hate them.  Does TTP represent PTI? If not; then what is the need to negotiate with these criminals?

 By Atta Rasool Malik- Islamabad

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