Terrorism breathing its Last

By Ali Sukhanver

It is yet not clear whether it is the result of the Operation Zarb-e-Azb or terrorists’ reaction to Manohar Parrikterrorismar’s statement regarding the use of terrorists instead of the soldiers or guilty consciousness of the terrorists which compelled various so-called separatist groups in Baluchistan to surrender before the FC. But the news of the day is that so many more groups, labeled as the separatist groups, are ready to surrender very soon in favour of Pakistan and more encouraging is the fact that they all intend to render their services for the betterment and security of their motherland Pakistan. Manohar Parrikar, the Defence Minister of India had said talking to the media-men last month, ‘Many terrorists are drawn into terrorism because of financial allurements… they are paid money for it. If such people are there, why not use them? What is the harm is using terrorists against terrorists?’ It seems that the terrorists took this statement of Manohar Parrikar as a personal insult and disgrace and decided to go other way. Moreover it is also a fact that the Operation Zarb-e-Azb has closed all escape doors for the terrorists in all parts of the country. They are looking for shelters to save their lives but are finding none. The intelligence agencies of Pakistan are providing all possible assistance to the Armed forces of Pakistan in this war against terrorists and it is being hoped that soon the words like ‘terrorism’ and ‘terrorists’ would be wiped off from the dictionary of Pakistan. To tell you the truth, it is the actual beginning of the War against Terror and Pakistan is going to win this war very soon and by the time this Pakistani War against Terrorism comes to an eternally successful ending, our friends and benefactors in US would realize that they had been wasting their time in a useless war against terrorism since after the tragic 9/11; their war did nothing but added to the velocity of the Terrorism Hurricane, we are now going to chain it down.

The terrorists are also very well aware of their fate, they know that sooner or later they are going to lose their cruel command over their innocent followers, that is why they are using various psychological tools just to keep their followers engaged and vibrant. According to different media reports such terrorists are trying to instigate religious minded-people against the Government of Pakistan and the Pakistan Army by leveling baseless allegations that Madresas and the religious scholars of these madrasas are facing serious threats at the hands of the law-enforcement agencies. The fact of the matter is that thousands of madrasas are operating throughout Pakistan without any restriction. Madrasas belonging to different religious schools of thought are enjoying absolute freedom and liberty. In so many cases, the government of Pakistan furnishes their students with financial support and job opportunities also. Moreover in case any madrasa feels any security threat, the government of Pakistan provides it security cover also. To create an air of disbelief and an atmosphere of conflict and confrontation among different Muslim sects, the foreign supported terrorists sometime murder the Ulamas belonging to one sect and sometime belonging to some other sect. And after every such activity the god-fathers of these terrorists start raising hue and cry through their own ‘patronized’ media-groups that Pakistan is burning in the flames of sectarianism. Hopefully all these things are going to be settled down soon but without the co-operation of the public, the Ulamas and scholars of the religious madrasas and without the support of the unbiased and patriotic sections of print and electronic media, things would not be easier to deal with.

Here I would like to repeat one thing which I have always been referring to in my write-ups; terrorism and religious extremism are two different things. Religious extremism is not a crime or a sin; it is just a point of view for looking at the matters. Religious-minded people have nothing to do with terrorism. Islam is the greatest preacher of peace and harmony. It propagates love and kindness for all human beings and even for animals, bird and plants. It never gives the message of injustice, cruelty and harshness. Those who try to spread the impression that religious extremists are involved in terrorist activities, in fact try to spread disinformation. They want to deform the sacred message of Islam on the desire of their god-fathers. The whole of Muslim Ummah must be alert and vigilant of such conspiracies. Our media also needs to play an important role in the present scenario. The terrorists who are surrendering in favour of Pakistan must be treated kindly and gently. We will have to honour their action of giving up terrorist activities. Our positive response to their action would simply encourage other misguided ones to come-back to the lap of their motherland.

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