Terrorists-Citizens of No Man’s Land

By  Ali Sukhanverrahil

Terrorism is a menace which could engulf the whole world if not timely taken care of. In other words the war against terrorism is not for the betterment of some individual or for the benefit of some particular group, it is for the safer and brighter future of the whole world. Though this war against terrorism was started by America but at present there is no America anywhere in this war; it is only Pakistan facing ever-worst consequences of this American war against terrorism. The people of Pakistan are very much confident that soon they would succeed in defeating the terrorists because they know that Pakistan has the best military skill and talent supported by a vast range of nuclear weapons and above all the Pakistani nation owns undefeatable passions. In the few past years the forces hostile to Pakistan have been trying all their best to spread an artificial air of disappointment and despair among the nation regarding the abilities of the Armed Forces of Pakistan. Their only aim and objective has always been to crush and demoralize the people of Pakistan with their heinous activities. There has been another effort too; the effort of spreading hatred against the religious people and against the institutions imparting religious education, commonly known as ‘Deeni Madaris’. The western media has ever been very much active and vibrant in promoting this idea against the Deeni Madaris. The only motive behind was to misguide the people that the terrorists are a product of these Deeni Madaris and that unless these religious institutions are banned or restrained, the menace of terrorism could not be controlled. But this movement against the Deeni Madaris could never gain popularity among the people of Pakistan. They are very much confident that any religion particularly and specifically Islam could never be a supporter of any kind of terrorism. Islam very clearly and strongly condemns all kind of injustice and terrorism in itself is the ever worst type of injustice.

When we cast a look at the 9/11 incident, the Madrid Train Blasts, the Mumbai carnage or the London Blasts of 7th July 2005, we find the international media trying utmost to find the traces of Muslim extremists behind all these incidents. Even in the brutal Samjhota Express episode the blame was thrust upon the Muslim extremists belonging to Pakistan. In short blaming the Muslims, blaming Pakistan has become an international tradition rather a part of international belief and creed. The most important need of the time is to concentrate upon wiping off the label of extremism and terrorism from the Muslims. We will have to get back the actual and original sublime repute which is the very basis of Islam. Without getting back that soft image, things would always remain difficult for us. At present the government of Pakistan is seriously and whole-heartedly doing all its best for the restoration of that true image of Pakistan with the sincere co-operation of the Armed Forces of Pakistan. Recent ongoing operation against the terrorists, particularly in Karachi and generally in all parts of the country is also a sequel to the efforts of Pakistan against terrorism. An important thing to be kept in mind is that most of the terrorists working here in Pakistan are supported and patronized by the foreign countries. Pakistan has unfortunately become a battle-field of interests for so many countries including US, England, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel and India. Each of these countries has its own axe to grind. Some have their sectarian interests while others have their strategic interests; it is also a day-light fact that some of the countries desire to keep the Armed Forces and the Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan engaged in the internal issues of terrorism so that Pakistan may not be able to keep a vigilant eye on the situation in Afghanistan. Moreover the western intruders in Afghanistan are of the opinion that it is Pakistan which did not let them succeed in their desire of conquering Afghanistan; so they want to take revenge from Pakistan for creating hurdles in their way. As far as India is concerned, this closest neighbour of Pakistan is always unhappy with Pakistan on taking side of the helpless Kashmiris. The Kashmir issue would have been buried somewhere in the past if Pakistan were not providing a strong moral support to the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Another reason of India’s’ unhappiness with Pakistan is that Pakistan always supports the struggle of the Sikhs for a separate homeland of their own. To settle old scores with Pakistan, all these countries are supporting different terrorist groups in Pakistan particularly in Karachi and Baluchistan. Unfortunately all these hostile countries including the US and India have yet not decided whether their enmity is with Pakistan or with the Muslims but one thing is very much clear that these countries are frightened of both; Pakistan as well as the Muslims. It is the time for every Pakistani to look deeply over the complexity of the situation and lend a sincere helping hand to the security forces of Pakistan in this war against terrorism. The most important thing to be kept in mind is that the show of national unity and solidarity with the Armed Forces is far more important than the actual force and capability we own.

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