The butcher in my neighborrhood 

By Ali SukhanverNarendra_Modi1_1897026g

In civilized societies neighbors are just like brothers but in uncivilized societies the situation is vice-versa. Since after 1965, the ever worst threat to the security and safety of Pakistan has been from its closest neighbor India. It is India which taught Pakistan that safeguarding independence is far difficult and far different from getting independence; and no doubt it is India which revealed upon Pakistan that one must always be careful of one’s neighbors. But there is a ‘credit’ that directly and solely goes to India; the credit of making Pakistan a nuclear power. If India were not so unfriendly and hostile to Pakistan; the resources Pakistan spent on its nuclear assets must have been spent on the projects of health, education and other schemes of public betterment. In other words India has tried its utmost to deprive the Pakistani nation of the better opportunities of health, education and employment. Fortunately the will and determination of the people of Pakistan very successfully defeated all these hostile intentions of India in the same way as the Pakistan Army had defeated the evil designs of the Indian Army in 1965 war. This year Pakistan is celebrating the Golden Jubilee of its war with India in 1965. For the whole of Pakistani nation this occasion is just like a national festival. The nation is paying marvelous tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for the security, peace and prosperity of their country. The Armed forces, the common public, the media and the political leadership, in short everyone is celebrating this Golden Jubilee of Pakistan’s success in the war of 1965. But on the other hand the situation in India is very much different rather disappointing regarding this Golden Jubilee. Some of the analysts are of the opinion that for Pakistan 1965 war is a mark of honour but for India this war is a blob of shame and insult; that is why we do not find any zeal and zest in the Indian public regarding the Golden Jubilee of 1965 war.

Shockingly it is not only the Indian public which is not interested in the Golden Jubilee celebrations but also the in-service and the retired officers and jawans of the Indian Army are not expressing any interests in these celebrations. A report published in the Gujrat Info, an Indian e-paper says that the retired Indian Army personnel have threatened their government that they would strictly boycott the celebrations of 1965 war because the Indian government has not increased their pays and pensions for a long time. According to the details Indian Army chief General Dalbir Singh had also held a meeting with the representatives of the veterans who have been protesting for the past 75 days demanding the implementation of the one rank one pension but no significant development could take place. Decorated veterans have in the past returned medals and signed petitions in blood to draw the government’s attention to the issue. This protest of the Indian Army veterans and the indifference of the Indian government to the issue have conveyed a very negative image of the Indian government throughout the world. Moreover the helplessness of the retired army officers is creating a lot of heart-burning among the in-service army personnel. They are afraid that in future they would also have to face the same helplessness. The retired Indian Army Officers are re-acting very aggressively on the silence and indifference of the Indian government to the issue of their pension matters. According to the India Today, Wing Commander (R) SD Karnik, who was awarded with nation’s third highest gallantry award, Vir Chakra cancelled his presence at a function in Pune where the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis were to felicitate him. Talking to the media men Wing Commander (R) SD Karnik said, ‘A soldier retires at 37 and a civil employee retires at 60. So while the Jawan has all responsibilities ahead of him after retiring whereas a civilian can fulfill all of them. Thus OROP (one rank one pension) is critical. When this invitation came I said of course I should go since it was the Defence Minister, but then I got a feeling that we are being short changed. So many assurances on one side but nothing is changing on ground. There is NATO (No Action Talk Only) from them.’ The situation is really very painful for the Indian army officers and Jawans and it would be very much unjust if we expect from them to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of 1965 war with the same zeal and zest with which Pakistani nation is celebrating it. Moreover it is also an important question; what does the Indian Army have to be proud of regarding 1965 war????

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