The Crocodile Tears of the Indian Politicians over Soldiers killing

indina soldiers killing By Balbir Singh Sooch-Sikh Vichar Manch

Is Any Secret Deal of Talks With Pakistan Stop, Irrespective of Any Party in Power in India? Answer Has to Be No, Because, Pakistan is also Equally Nuclear Power like India.

 The Debates on Issue of five Indian Soldiers killed, these are ‘Crocodile Tears of the Indian Politicians conspiringly’!! The Debates on the Issue of five Indians Soldiers killed on August 6, 2013 in Poonch Sector: The Crocodile Tears of the Indian Politicians Only to Befool the Indian Armed Forces.

And, in fact, they are projecting themselves politically for the coming Lok Sabha Election-2014 by doing so in Parliament and outside along with and with the help of their ‘Henchmen’.

The debates were meant to projecting the politicians by name giving impression wrongly and misleadingly that the entire political parties and countrymen were always remained sympathizers to the Indian Forces, whereas, it was never so even since independence of India.  In general in India, the Indian armed forces men in uniform are always silently abused especially at their back as idiots and or foolish, even called in dirtier manner as- (klMn).

 Some former very senior officers of the Indian Armed Forces do participate in such debates innocently and ignorantly without any concrete results and assurances from the politicians for soldiers serving actively and Ex-Servicemen.

Have the politicians agreed to ‘One Rank, One Pension’ so far? Answer is obvious. NO.

But, politicians as MPs and MLAs etc pass Bill of enhance their salary, allowances and pension etc without any debate in one sitting itself as always experienced, though, the most of them are corrupt irreparably.  Sometime, Congress spokesperson and Union Minister Manish Tewari, rightly points out the reality, though in his own style and said on the issue, “We don’t play politics on the issue of National security”. In fact, it was implied from his statement that the Indian politicians do always play politics, even on such serious matters of great concern for the country especially related to national security directly linked to the morale of the Indian Armed Forces.

But, the issue was projected in such a way that as no politician and or the policies of government of India, are responsible for the ‘Killing of Indian Soldiers’ etc, but it is only due to the soft stand of Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh with Pakistan. Dr. Manmohan Singh never fought elections and would not likely to do so ever. For the reason, he was being held responsible and guilty very loudly in debates today. In such debates, the politicians cautiously utter words to name and blame such a person, who has to face no elections and also not interested to play any kind of politics, like now happening to blame and defame on the question of being soft with Pakistan as being Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh from the minority community.

 Do people of India and or the world feel Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh so powerful as to act like a dictator to take all decisions in the spoiled system of Indian democracy as being projected in debates on the issues of five Indians Soldiers killed and for not sternly dealing with Pakistan, that’s too without holding any negotiations in matter with Pakistan?

 Would Indians and the Indian Armed forces ever understand as to how the Indian politicians, who matter, enact the dramas through such debates as witnessed today in Indian Parliament and outside in the matter?  Certainly, there may be actually something else going on with Pakistan behind the debates, scenes and the enacted dramas of the Indian politicians.    The truth may come out soon about going on talks with Pakistan since long and now continuously!

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