US Congress Interfering in Pak Balochistan

By Zaheerul Hassan

On February 17, 2012, US House of Representatives has tabled a bill which called upon Pakistan to recognize the right of self-determination for Balochistan. The bill was introduces by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) who indirectly tried to make an effort of materializing earlier set CIA agenda of “Greater Balochistan” which is comprising of territory of Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. He alleged Pakistani security forces for violence and extrajudicial killing.
He totally tried to give wrong perception about Balochistan History while declaring that it was an independently governed entity known as the Baloch Khanate of Kalat, which came to an end after invasions from both British and Persian armies. Whereas, the actual fact is that in 1947 was annexed with the Pakistan as per desires of the Baloch.
Nonetheless, enriched with natural resources Balochistan area wise is one of the largest province of Pakistan and remained part of united India till partition of 1947. The British normally used this region as staging ground for invaders during various Afghan – British War. The 1876 treaty between the Khan of Kalat and Robert Sandeman accepted the independence of the Kalat as an allied state with British military outposts in the region. However in 1878 Afghan War, the British rule established in Balochistan. At that time the provincial entity was included on the municipality of Quetta, Kalat, Makran, and Lasbella.
Thus, the above narrated facts proved that Balochistan never been an independent region of South Asia after 1840 and very much remained under the jurisdiction of English government at the time of partition. It is further added here that divisions of Kalat, Makran Quetta and Lasbella have become integral part of Pakistan as per partition plan. However Baglar Begi Khan haphazardly declared the independence of Kalat on August 15, 1947. He assured the neo-state of Pakistan that Kalat will participate in the defense and infrastructure but will be autonomous. I want to highlight here that declaration of independent Balochistan by Khan of Kalat have never been well received by the population of Makran, Quettat, Lasbella and even Kalati people. Pakistani army entered the region to occupy the area immediately. On Mar 27, 1948, the Khan of Kalat gave in to the State of Pakistan. His brother Abdul Karim Baloch refused to surrender and revolted until his arrest in 1950. Balochistan was put under Governor General control and no elective body formed in Balochistan until 1973.
Anyhow, earlier too, on February 8, 2012 US Congress Committee discussed the situation of Balochistan opposed its emancipation but shown concern over security problem and killing of the people.
While addressing to media, foreign office spokesman Abdul Basit responded on February 8 and 17 said that Pakistan had conveyed its reservations to the US in Islamabad and Washington regarding the talks and presentation of resolution on Balochistan by the US Congress. In a question he also very rightly sent a clear message to Washington that “Pak-Iran gas pipeline project was not abandoned and it would be completed till 2014.” Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington Sherry Rehman raised the issue of an exclusive hearing on Balochistan by a House Foreign Affairs sub-committee in her meetings with the members of the Congress and senior officials of the US administration. Ms Rehman also stated that Islamabad strongly rejects the purpose and findings of the hearing and considers it an “ill-advised and ill-considered” move that will have serious repercussions for the bilateral relations. She also added that “Pakistan views this hearing with serious concern and considers it unacceptable in no uncertain terms. This kind of an exercise constitutes interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs. The hearing will be detrimental to building mutual trust and confidence and will add to suspicions in Pakistan about the US motives in the region and concerning Pakistan,”
The committee made security agencies responsible for abduction and killing, instead of recommending her government (US) to control CIA and its sisters agencies (RAW & Mossad) from interfering in Balochistan. It would not be wrong in saying that CIA has decided to gear up her project of establishing “Greater Balochistan” which was actually designed in “Bush era”. Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Saturday said that there is no military operation being carried out in Balochistan and not a single soldier is involved in any operation in the province. In fact, US thinks that holding, capturing or creating independent state in Balochistan Region will provide her remunerative strategically advantages like easy excess to Gulf through Gawdar Port, disintegration of lonely nuclear Islamic state, dominance over China, Russia, Persian Gulf and other Islamic countries. Moreover, Israel would also be facilitated in attacking Iran. In this regard, likely chances are there that India will provide her air bases to Israel on attacking Iran. US desire can also be confirmed from US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta statement, according to that he owes an explanation to the world as his aggressive posture against the Muslim world / Islam is being projected by the defence forces he commands. Another view point of US intrusive could be that US and its unholy alliance has a desire to keep this region instable and establish her bases even after culmination of “Unsuccessful Afghan Mission” which is going to be end by 2013 according to US Defence Sectary (former CIA Chief) Mr. Panetta.
Interference in Pakistani Balochistan is her primary aim because it can give space of exploitation towards Afghanistan and Iran for shaping her revealed project. US and India are deliberating promoting anarchy by helping, sheltering and funding some of anti Pakistan elements. In the first week of August 2011, US Ambassador Cameron Munter while talking to media stated that they have an eye on Pakistan particularly Balochistan since the province is strategically very important to U.S. On August 12, 2011 Mr. Rehman Malik, Interior Minister of Pakistan while talking to the media , confirmed that foreign hands are involved in the unrest of Balochistan. He also claimed that he has the names and telephone numbers of those locals who get instructions from abroad for causing anarchy in Balochistan. Thus, without any doubt one can say that US is openly carrying out interference in Pakistani internal affairs.
US Congress, Champions of Human rights activists and organizations, of Western media are need to clarify that why they remained silent over US Marines acts of urinating on the dead bodies of killed Taliban soldiers in so called military operations in Afghanistan.
US and Western media are silent and failed to condemn inhuman acts of her allies (India and Israel) against Christians, Sikhs Maoists, Kashmirries, Negros and Palestinian. It is advice to US leadership and congress to take care of her “Negroes” who are fighting for the rights of self determination since 1930 instead of interfering in Pakistan. As per the report 233 people lost their lives in violent incidents involving Indian security forces in the year 2011. Among those who were killed, 11 were students, 7 minors and 6 women. The troops also subjected three Kashmiris to custodial disappearance and disgraced 34 women during the period. Kashmiri youth is determined in their resolve to get Indian occupation forces withdrawn from Kashmir and are continuing with their efforts to get their rights of self-determination / freedom. The security forces employed to suppress the freedom movement commit atrocities against the innocent civilians. Worst hit are the women folk who are dishonored in the presence of their husbands, brothers and parents. US supported NATO’s deliberate attack on Salala Check Post and killing 24 soldiers was the worst violation of human rights for which US top brass did not extend apology. In short, US policy makers must extend an apology to the Muslim world on such unbecoming behavior by US troops. Such acts of disgrace have actually endangered American soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan. India and Israel be asked to stop brutality against Sikh, Kashmiries, Christians and Maoists. American and Indian dream of capturing the region will not be fulfilled since Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran, and Central Asian States are well aware of unholy alliances’ hegemonic design. Unfortunately, some of the local electronic media group has also joined hands of “U.S. unholy alliance” for fueling of already deteriorated security and political situation of the country. However, the government should take all patriotic Baloch lords on board and rush down for the speedy development of the largest province of Pakistan. Moreover, the steps taken for the welfare of Baloch nation by government and Pak army should be communicated through electronic and print media for the consumption of general masses.
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