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Saima AfzalDialogue on counter-terrorism strategy

 “The Clash of Civilization” by Samuel P. Huntington was a thought provoking as well as profound theory against Muslim World. His article was published in 1993, in the Foreign Affairs. In his theory, he mentioned that there is no conflict between the ideologies in the world, but between civilization, where different cultures and religious identities are the main factor in creating cooperation or conflict. He argued that self-assertion and cooperation between the non western ‘civilizations’ especially the Islamic would be against the western. He used Islam as a metaphor with a ‘green threat’ for the West. Most of the scholars think that 9/11 incident, was US antagonism against the Islamic World.

The terrorist attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Centre on 11th September 2001 marked the beginning of the new era in the fight against so called terrorism. The whole world was shocked that being a super power and having advance intercept missile technology, why America failed to escape itself from the havoc consequences of these attacks? It might be the greatest desire of the US to have domination on the Islamic world and 9/11 was a justification for the fulfillment of its desire. There are different perception and prediction about the reality of 9/11 incident which is still not satisfactory answered by the United States.

Pravda Russian News and Analysis released information regarding the United States 9/11 plan on 7th February, 2015 “what happen on 9/11? An Israel-Neocon False Flag Operation is what happens”. The report which was released by Pravda indicates that the project for New American Century was already written in Israel in 1996 under the name “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm”.  Zionist Jew Silverstein purchased the World Trade Center six week prior to 9/11 incident, and it was first time World Trade Center was put into the private hand. Paradoxically, there was no single person Jew among the victim of this incident.

Another report by Pravda “US fears Russian Publication of Satellite Photos of Tragedy of 9/11” points out that Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of US government involvement and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks. The list of evidence includes the satellite images from 9/11. If the satellite images release becomes successful, Mr.Putin tactics would expose the US government’s secret terrorist policies that are fearful for US.

However, it seems that the attacks on Pentagon and World Trade Centre were America’s pre-planned drama. The planner of these attacks had greater motives than destructions and death, which the attacks brought. The motive for deception and murder of its own citizens served US interest to get access to the rich oil reservoirs of the Middle East, Central Asian Republics and above all its wish of domination in this region. On the other hand, it clearly shows that powerful states influence the weak states on the bases of their strength to gain their political and economic objectives.  It is not easy for any sensible person to digest; that states while living in globalize world and having advance technology could not defend itself from such like incident. This point may also be kept in mind that without waiting for the inquiry, why President Bush announced its strategy against Taliban. It was a chosen trauma of United States against the Muslim World. This was not something new in America because President Roosevelt had pre-knowledge of Pearl Harbor attack. The thing comes in mind how could Taliban attack on Pentagon without having inadequate resources.

In fact, this is not a ‘war on terror’ but a pre-planned game plan to accomplish the long cherished dreams of the US to gain access to the oil and gas wealth of the Central Asia by getting control over this region. They understand that their dreams cannot see the dawn of reality without engaging regional states in internal problems, to destabilize them so that they might not think about the external issues. In the end I would suggest that military actions are not the right choice to tackle the issues like fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism, but these have to be dealt with through long term strategy and negotiation.
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