Way-out of Eliminating Balochistan Militancy

By Zaheerul HassanBringing peace in Balochistan

Strategically vital, rich in natural resources, land of courageous and traditional inhabitants, “Balochistan” is an indispensable component of Pakistan. Baloch masses and leaders out rightly supported 1940 resolution, played pivotal and active role in creation of Pakistan. The resolution demanded that Muslim majority needs a separate homeland in Indian subcontinent. Therefore, like other Muslims’ dominated areas, on 29th June 1947 “SHAHI JIRGA” of British Balochistan as representative body of Assistant Governor General (AGG) along with elected members of Quetta Municipal Body unanimously passed a resolution of forming part of Pakistan. The State of Kalat had customary over lordship on States of Kharan, Makran and Lasbela decided to join Pakistan in March 1948, the Khan of Kalat (KoK) also acceded to Pakistan on 27th March 1948.

However, the contender brother of KoK shown rivalry over the resolution and mustered 130 tribesmen started insurgency in 1948 which never took off ground and the matter was brought under control.   Notably, KoK was only supported by those so called nationalists lords who unfortunately never ever had a desired to elevate the life of poor people but always had tried for separatism. Thus, claiming “Independent Greater Balochistan” is a foreign agenda and conspiracy against Pakistan.

According to the credible intelligence information, many tribal leaders, heads of Bugti, Murree and Mengale are playing in foreign hands. Interestingly, their objectives of ruling the province are to eat public money, get control over natural resources and suppress the poor. They prefer to educate their children from the institutions like Aitchison and Oxford, enjoy health facilities from abroad and keep their families in settled areas. On the other hands during their regimes never work for establishing educational instaurations, construction of hospitals, laying infrastructures and developing far-flung areas of Balochistan.

Late Prime Minister Bhutto’s governments in seventies too faced resistance when he tried to diminish lord’s mafia (Sardari Nazam) of Balochistan. Though, Bhutto regime has temporarily controlled the situation while bribing Akbar Bugti but failed to eliminate their militants’ wings of political parties.

In fact, these corrupt lords have organized Baloch Sub Nationalists (BSN) and Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA). They are also involved in sending innocent people for getting terrorists’ training taking arms, and funds from neighbouring countries.

To support my argument intrigue against Pakistan has been pointed out earlier written article, “Baloch Nation Rejected Foreign Traitors in Elections 2013”. I am again reproducing few of the lines from that media piece just to freshening up the memories of my readers. “on February 17, 2012, by US House of Representatives Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and supporting undercover NGO’s mission at the occasion of 19th session of United Nation Human Rights Commission (UNHRC), have left no doubt that US and her ally India are making serious efforts to create an ‘Independent Great Balochistan” (comprising of Iranian, Pakistani and Afghan territory).”

“In the sequel of efforts of launching propaganda campaign, on 4 March 2012 Baloch leadership disseminated an email message to Afghan friends of Balochistan. According to the “email” Baloch activists residing in different parts of world and their supporters are asking them (Baloch leadership) to contact US Senators through phone calls and fax messages to express their concern over alleged violations of human rights in Balochistan by ISI, MI and FC. People were advised to mainly target ISI and to urge the US Govt to seize the aid of Pakistan due to its human rights violations, Baloch genocide and support to Taliban. It was directed in the email to request the US Govt to open talks with prominent Balochistan leaders such as Hyrbyair Marri, khan of lakat, BD and Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch. Baloch sub nationalists have increased their activities after presenting the resolution by US senators supporting the supporting the Balochistan’s independence struggle. The contents of the email indicate that Baloch leadership is building up pressure on Pakistan to perpetuate their nefarious designs which require adequate attention at all levels.”

China to Gwadar

Anyhow, the anti Pakistan elements found an opportunity to further intensify their malicious activities with the help of foreign forces, when the former Pakistani government made few agreements and handed over Gwadar Port to China for operation and construction of Coastal Highway. For developing economic corridor, the purposed costal high way can also be connected    to Kashgar through Silk Route.  Due to its strategic value, U.S, India and even some Muslim states covertly or overtly are opposing the development and operation of the port through China.

Notably, Pakistan has already took steps in reviving old Silk Route and developing an extension to link it with Pak-China friendship route, starting from South-Western Chinese province Kashgar, and now efforts are in hand to extent it till Gwadar. Ultimately it will provide an access to Central Asia and China to the warm waters of the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

In this regard, Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shrif addressed a session, ‘Reviving the Silk Road -A dialogue with Asian Leaders’ at the Boao Forum for Asia 2014. He appreciated China’s President Xi Jinping for proposing a visionary concept of the New Silk Road last year and renewing everyone’s interest in the subject. He said that Pakistan is at the junction of China, the Eurasian land-bridge and the Middle East which enables it to be route to a three-pronged economic corridor between China, Central Asia and the Middle East.

But the prosperity particularly in Balochistan depends upon development; formulate policy to elevate poorer lives, provide justice to the people at door steps, improve health and educational facilities, provision of secure environment while controlling law and order situation. For this purpose government requires ingenuity in formulation of policies and its application on war footing. Here, our country’s courts have to play an important role. Courts instead wasting their efforts in tracing so called missing persons cases should punish terrorists and provide shelter to the government’s machinery and law enforcing agencies. The courts have to realize that intelligence and security agencies do not have any enmity against their country or nation. The people of those agencies are scarifying their lives to root out foreign sponsored militancy. Thus, asking for court-martials of the officers of armed forces in the cases of missing person is amounting to demoralize armed forces and strengthening terrorists and their masters’ hands.

There is a need to apprise that peace loving and law abiding Baloch masses are being respected everywhere as like others Pakistani. Therefore, government and all institutions should protect and respect their fundamental rights of liberty and freedom as mentioned in the Pakistan Constitution-1973. But at the same time freedom from the crafty and cruel clutches of land lords, feudal lords, chieftains and  anti state elements is also utmost important since these lord mafia have always been hostile to the existence of Pakistan and ready to push the masses in fire. The government must practically ensure and create awareness in the masses that Balochistan’s natural resources belong to the law abiding Pakistani Baloch citizens.

Moreover, through, education and provision of open fields of healthy competition they can excel like any other developed nation. Through land reform, extensive development projects and government sponsored free education only; the fate of Baloch people can be changed. In this regard Pakistani Armed Forces have constructed Chamalang Education Programme, Sui Education City, Balochistan and Gwadar Institutes of Technical Education and Kassa Hills Marble Project. In addition Pakistan Army has enhanced recruitment from Balochistan.
In short, the people of Balochistan are quite aware of the facts that they have to get rid of anti state lord mafia for their prosperous future and play positive role in building “Greater Pakistan”.

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