Happy Marriage to Rani Mukerji & Aditya Chopra

Mumbai super star and the most attractive lady at last got marry with ranimukherjee2_0Aditya  on 21 April 2014. They have dodged years of speculation about their relationship. And while Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra remained tight-lipped about it till now, they broke their silence on Tuesday (April 22) when a spokesperson from Chopra’s production house released a statement declaring they got married in Italy on April 21. Karan Johar is the only close friend so far known to have attended the do. We’ve also learned the reason why the wedding took place now. Rani’s father, Ram Mukherjee, is unwell, reveals her uncle Subbir Mukerji. He says, “We were waiting for it (the wedding) to happen for a long, long time… My cousin’s (Ram) health is not well, which is why it was done now.” He goes on to add, “I’m very, very happy. They are both very nice, and they love each other. Ora ashle amra ekta boro hungama korbo (We will have a grand celebration once they return). It will be a big affair.” Aditya’s brother, Uday Chopra, tweeted his wishes: “We welcome Rani Chopra to the family…lots of love to the newly weds (sic),” he posted. An elated Shah Rukh Khan tweeted as well.

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