Suicide Bombing: A Disparaging Dogma-II

By Sohail ParwazTerrorism_by_q8_princess

During a lecture in Riyadh, the Saudi grand Mufti identified the reasons and declared that, “suicide bombings are great crimes and bombers are criminals who rush themselves to hell by their actions.” He described suicide bombers as “robbed of their minds… who have been used (as tools) to destroy themselves and societies.” Earlier, in his sermon to over two million Muslims on the occasion of Haj, Sheikh Abdul Aziz had said that anyone who attempts or carries out a suicide attack will not be forgiven by God. He stated that there was no link between Islam and terrorism and stressed that Islam is a religion of peace, prosperity and brotherhood. “Islam teaches patience and tolerance and dismisses all kinds of violence in society. Muslims are obligated to do no harm to others on the basis of their caste, creed or religion.”

Recently, over 100 Ulemas, Mashaikhs and scholars have asked the TTP people to desist from subversive activities, in the country, nevertheless, the necessity is to make constant and repeated efforts until the desired results are not achieved. It is the need of the time to bring the misguided and distracted Muslim brethren back to the right path of Islam. The Ulemas, Mashaikhs, scholars and above all our media has to play a vital and sensitive role of making the ignorant realised that as Allah clearly and repeatedly said in the Holy Quran that human will never send back to this world and in no way will be given a second chance, hence, they must correct themselves and ask for Allah’s forgiveness. What they have to be convinced is that by doing suicide bombing they are committing two sins; killing a number of innocents and finishing their own lives with their own hands and for both the sins they will be severely punished not only at the Day of the Judgment but prior to that during —-. The sane and sensible should approach them and must listen to their grievances, if they have any. I am sure in the light of the straight and clear Quranic Orders and unambiguous teachings of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Salallaho Elahae Wassallum) they will have no answer to their sinful acts. The Holy Quran very clearly says,

“…We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul – unless for a soul [1] or for corruption [done] in the land [2] – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And, whoever saves one, it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.” [Qur’an, 5:32]

The above verse conveys the heinousness of unjustifiably taking a human life. Coming to Sunnah, a thousand and one quotes and Hadiths can be mentioned where the Prophet Muhammad (Salallaho Elahae Wassallum) categorically disliked and disapproved the killing of innocents, elders, children and women folk. We can imagine that if the Messenger (Salallaho Elahae Wassallum) of Allah was so specific about such killings during any war then how could we claim to love our Holy Prophet (Salallaho Elahae Wassallum) during the peace time?
Ribah ibn al-Rabi` al-Tamimi says, “We were with the Messenger (Salallaho Elahae Wassallum) of Allah in a battle. He saw people gathered, and then he saw a slain woman, whereupon he said, “This [woman] was not fighting! Another version adds, “Immediately, the Prophet (Salallaho Elahae Wassallum) objected to the killing of women and children.” Another adds, “Catch up with Khalid and tell him: The Messenger (Salallaho Elahae Wassallum) of Allah commands you not to kill [women and] children, nor hired workers.” Ibn `Abbas says: The Messenger of Allah, when dispatching his troops, would tell them, “….Do not behave treacherously, nor misappropriate war-booty, nor mutilate [those whom you kill], nor kill children, nor the people in cloisters.”
So much so is for the human being may that be a Muslim or from any other religion or belief. However, the Prophet (Salallaho Elahae Wassallum) of Allah warned not to be inhuman to the animals, even. A version says, “Ibn `Umar passed by some youths of Quraysh who had set up a bird and were shooting at it, giving any arrows which missed to the owner of the bird. Thereupon, Ibn `Umar said, “Allah curses the one who does this. Verily, the Messenger of Allah cursed the one who takes something with a soul as a target.”

A Muslim remains in latitude concerning his religion as long as he does not take a life. The Quran gives a clear ruling that, “…Do not kill a woman, nor a child, or an old aged man….” Hence it is very clear that if Islam doesn’t permit killing of innocent, old, children, and women or for that matter even animal then how come the act of taking one’s own life against the Will of Allah be appreciated by the Almighty?

A companion of Prophet Hazrat Jundab (RA) narrates that the Prophet said, “A man was inflicted with wounds and he committed suicide, and so Allah said: My slave has caused death on himself hurriedly, so I forbid Paradise for him.” Not only has this, in fact Sohail Bin Saad S’adi (RA) also reported that during a Ghazwa one of the Muslim was fighting furiously and would kill anyone whom he targeted. When the companions praised his courage the Holy Prophet said, “But he shall go to Hell”. One of the companions of the Prophet (Salallaho Elahae Wassallum) chased him after the fight and found that he was injured and to get rid-off from pain he pushed the sword’s point in his chest and died. The companion reported that to the Holy Prophet (Salallaho Elahae Wassallum) which the Rasool Allah said, “Some people are considered to be placed in Jannah but they belong to hell and some are considered from hell but they are sent to Jannah”. (Muslim Sharif)

It is high time now that the religious scholars should convince the disillusioned people to abandon such practices, which are self-defeating and haram. Media can, and it must play the much demanded and significant role by discouraging the fanatics by not giving them the coverage and by publishing religious sermons and fatwas against suicide bombing. These misguided people must be asked to answer a simple question that, if in the 1,400 years of Islamic history, no prominent Muslim leader or general or common man carried out such attacks, killing innocent people including women and children then how come it has suddenly become a source to achieve Jannah? According to the Quran there is nothing more precious than life. A man or woman has no right to take his life.

The Holy Quran says, “…And do not kill yourselves (nor kill one another). Surely, Allah is Most Merciful to you. Surah Al’Nisa
Again the Quran says, “And slay not the life which Allah hath forbidden save with right. This is commanded unto you by Him so that ye may understand.” Surah Al’Anam


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