Touching tribute to their love ones

Memories of touching moments of life are unforgettable. In this regard, tribute to Cory Monteith, Death and Deception on Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. and others have been presented on Tuesday.actress bollywood

The fan of both came all out and displayed their emotions openly.
Glee: We don’t care what you say—but in our opinion, tonight’s episode of Glee was practically perfect in every way. So what happened to make the hit musical comedy achieve season one levels of excellence? Rachel’s big Broadway debut, of course! After discovering that some snarky Internet trolls were already bashing our star before the show even premiered, it seemed like Rachel was never going to get out of her pre-stage funk. But in true Glee fashion, all of Rachel’s friends rallied around her, and Santana happily gave her the kick in the pants that she needed to shine. Our Fanny Brice was finally ready to blow everyone away—and she definitely did!
Rachel’s opening night of Funny Girl prompted rave reviews from the critics, and to celebrate Kurt, Tina, Blaine, Mercedes, Santana, Sam and Rachel all headed out to party the night away. It was too bad that Will couldn’t join him but (surprise!) Emma’s water broke! Will rushed home to meet his brand new baby boy, Daniel Finn Schuester. And to tug on our heartstrings even more, Rachel revealed to Will that she bought a seat for Finn on her opening night so she could have him there in spirit. All. The Feels.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Well… crap. Just as we were really starting to bond with Patton Oswalt’s Agent Eric Koeing—he died! The bad news: Agent Ward killed him after Koeing became increasingly suspicious of Ward during a super-high tech lie detector test. The good news: After finding Keoing’s body, Skye has now discovered that Ward is not who he claims to be, and she now plans to play him exactly like he has been playing her. Basically, he doesn’t know that she knows and we know all.

The Originals: Tonight was quite the explosive episode. Literally! When a suicide bomber attacked the werewolf camp (and many subsequent bombs followed) Haley was determined to find out who was hell-bent on attacking her pack. Her first guess was Marcel, but she quickly discovered that our exiled vamp had absolutely no ties to the deadly attack. However she did learn that Marcel knew her entire family, and was actually the one to sent her off into the foster care system to keep her safe all those years ago.
Turns out, it was Oliver who planted the bombs at the camp, telling Eve that he just wanted to “get people riled up.” But before Eve could spill his deadly secrets, Oliver smothered her to death! No cool, dude. As for Father Kieran, in order to give Cami a chance to say goodbye to her uncle, Klaus fed him his blood and then killed him. In his pre-vampire state, the father and Cami shared a sweet moment before the ancestor witches broke the sweetness from the great beyond. In the end, Klaus ended up killing Father Kieran with Cami’s blessing.

Supernatural: Ladies and gentlemen, please help us welcome back the lovely Sherriff Jody Mills! Our favorite Supernatural lady (because let’s face it, there aren’t really much of them who are still left) returned tonight. And with Dean and Sam’s help, she finally received the closure she has so desperately needed since losing her husband and son all those years ago. Plus, it even looks like she’s going to take in a runaway after she and the boys helped rescue the girl from a nest of vampires—because of course they did.

Line of the Night: “Look at me, bitch!” Thank you so much Dean for giving us the perfect line to scream at a vampire right before we’re about to kill him


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