Has India, Brahmins-Hindus-turbaned Brahmins’ Rats Broken the Back of the Sikhs?


Golden Temple – Indian Armed Forces in 1984 killed 0ver 2,70,000 Sikhs in brutal action

WILL GET THEM ELSEWHERE – MMK WALI, India’s Foreign Secretary during his interview by Madam BARBARA FRUM, CBC 740 ‘AS IT HAPPENS, 18:30 – 19:00 Hrs, on 7th JUNE, 1984″*

When Madam Barbara Frum of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a highly respected journalist, interviewed the right hand man of Indira Gandhi, MMK Wali (a Kashmiri Brahmin, on 7th June, 1984, after killing more than 270,000 Sikhs innocents and taking the keys of the Darbar Sahib Complex in rubbles, because of an’undeclared’ war on the Sikhs and their Holy and Historic Homeland and the Darbar Sahib Complex (mistakenly called Golden Temple Complex, Amritsarji, Madam Frum asked “What next Mr  Wali? Wali replied ‘we have broken the back of the Sikhs in Punjab and we will get them elsewhere.” That is what the predominantly Brahmins-Hindus India has been trying its best since 7th June, 1984, to demonize the Sikhs and making them ‘terrorists’, using its heinous methodologies, to ‘terrorize the Sikhs in the eyes of the international world and its news media. India, the Brahmins-Hindus demo[n]cracy has been trying its best to get the Sikhs and demonize them everywhere in the world, using its draconian methods, espionages, propaganda, etc., against the Sikhs, but it had failed so far. Indian diplomats and its RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) has come out with ’empty hands’.

More recently, about 48-72-h ago, the Brahmins-Hindus-turbaned Brahmins Hanera Sinh Badal (A Brahmin in the Sikh garb) alleged Indian democracy and its diplomats have tried its best to “get the Sikhs elsewhere, according to MMK Wali’s state policies. In a London, U K, Hotel, as the writer believes that “a Brahmin-Hindu in the Sikh’s garb tried to kill one of the butchers of the Brahmins-Hindus’ Indian army, Kuldeep Brar, using a knife and stabbing him that “Gen K Brar stabbed with a knife.” No Guru da Sikh or any Sikh would do such a crime anywhere. Indeed, the agents and/or hired hands of the Indian government and/or its diplomats will try their best to commit such a crime on the foreign soil(s), which is/are the homes of hundreds of thousands Sikhs and their families.

It is the alleged Indian Brahmins-Hindus-turbaned Brahmins Rats like Hanera Sinh Badal and likes’ demo[n]cracy that it has been committing crimes after crimes to ‘Demonize, terrorize the Sikhs in the eyes of their fellow countrymen and administration’. For example: (i) the worst air disaster of Canada in June 1985 of Air India Flight 182 was committed by the Indian administration of Rajiv Gandhi (deceased), his administrations’ foreign diplomats, intelligence (RAW) personnel. Indian administration and its pseudo-ambassadors have been trying their best to put the blame on Sikhs, but Brahmins-Hindus’ administration(s) came out with empty handed. None of the commissions of the Canadian administration passed any judgment that it had been done by the Sikhs, although some pseudo-newspaper reporters supposed to be expert on Air India disaster tried their best to associate the Sikhs with the AI 182 disaster, that took place one year after an ‘undeclared’ of war of India against the Sikhs and their Holy and Historic Homeland, PUNJAB, the first Sovereign and Secular nation of South Asia, 1799 to 14th March, 1849.

Second, the Indian administration failed very badly when “India and its trading friends” tried to use a Canada’s Polish born spy to ‘Explode another Air India craft in Europe, but the plan failed very badly. A meeting took place in a hotel in Italy in which two turbaned Brahmins-Hindus participated (Kilgour D 1989 Spy Canada Abandoned, published by a Scarborough, ON, press).

In summation, the writer is of his firm believe that the “K. Brar’s stabbing incident with a knife by some anti-Sikh (Brahmin or Hindu in the Sikh’s garb) person hired and/guided by the Brahmins-Hindus’ foreign personnel in the U K has NOT been done by any Sikh, who is a ‘member of the Guru Khalsa Panth alias the House of Guru Baba Nanak Sahib (the founder of the Sikh Religion).
Only the Government of the U K will be able to tell who stabbed the Sikhs’ butcher, K Brar.

The writer is Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki), Editor in Chief, International Journal of Sikh Affairs ISSN 1481-5435.


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