Spot-fixing Rocked Cricket

By Rida Zaheer newzland

It would not be wrong, if I say that prevailing money making culture of sports has left behind the sportsmanship and love for the country. Despite introducing and imposing strict rules, the local and International counsels failed to control the spot fixing in the games. Few days back six international cricket players have been appeared in the media when former New Zealand international Lou Vincent fingered them in a corruption scandal that is set to rock the sport again. This revelation comes on the heels of one two years ago when three Pakistani internationals sent to jail and then suspended for spot-fixing in England. In this regard Indian Cricket

In fact, Vincent tries of disclosing cricket corruption was not constructive in sense, but to save him from criminal prosecution. In an exclusive story in Britain’s Daily Mail the 35-year-old Vincent gave details of 12 games that he helped “fix” between 2008 and 2012.
Vincent apparently also provided detailed evidence about spot-fixing in England county matches and competitions in India, Hong Kong, South Africa and New Zealand. IPL really give boast to the corruption in the cricket.

Vincent told the ICC unit he received cash and on one occasion was also offered a woman as a “present.’’ But he turned that offer down instead telling the bookmaker to deposit the money in the hotel safe in his room. Vincent apparently felt he was justified in fixing matches in England as his county club Sussex paid him less than the other foreign stars.

Vincent’s salary was around $42,000 while the average county player earned anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. On two occasions Vincent received $73,000 and $17,000 in bribes for “underperforming.” Let’s hope the ICC, a body that has in the past swept corruption claims under the carpet, will act forcefully this time.

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